Why do I have a irregular menstruation? Before when I was teenager, my menstruation was regular but now I am married it became irregular?

There are many known and unknown reasons for your problem and it would be impossible to pinpoint the exact cause, especially over a forum. Please do keep in mind that each human being is unique and their bodies work differently. It is due to this reason that people will always react differently even when they have exactly the same problem.

If you have always had regular periods before, and they are suddenly irregular after you got married, you can place the blame on the sudden change of lifestyle. Without you realizing it, the sudden change of lifestyle has caused a certain amount of stress on your mind and body. It could have something to do with the fact that you have moved to a new home, or that you are adjusting to new people and circumstances around you or just about anything related to your change of status from being single to being married. This can play havoc with your menstrual cycle without you even realizing the reasons. You need to give this some time, and only then will your body be able to adjust properly to your changed circumstances. You can try various meditation techniques to help you de-stress and adjust faster.

If you are on the pill or are taking any other kind of contraceptive device as well, this can also have a great impact on your monthly cycles. If your periods have become irregular after you have started with some sort of contraception, you should consult with your gynecologist and try to change whatever you are taking. Sometimes, a simple change like this can actually work in your favor. Induction and continuation of constant sexual activity can also make a difference to your menstrual cycle. If you were not sexually active before you got married, this could account for this change. This could also lead to some elements of hormonal changes. If your hormones are changing to suit your new bodily activities and needs, then you could experience a change in your menstrual cycle. In fact, the commonest reasons for changes of any sort in the menstrual cycle and the symptoms associated with it are due to hormonal changes. Once again, you should not be doing anything about it till you have given yourself a chance to settle down to your new life and surroundings. Simply wait it out, and within 6 months you should see a favorable change.

answered by G R

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