Are there any home remedies for the treatment of pseudogout?

Pseudogout is often wrongly diagnosed as gout due to their similarity of symptoms and basic nature of being calcium pyrophosphate diseases. Pseudogout is actually a form of arthritis, characterized by inflammation of the joints of the wrists, hands, elbows, shoulders, ankles and knees causing severe pain and swelling. This inflammation is caused due to the build-up of crystal deposits in the lining of the joints. However there have been some cases where there has been no formation of crystals till a later age, yet the symptoms have started appearing. It goes without saying, that the risks of pseudogout increase with age and this people above the age of 60 are at high risk However those who are most commonly affected are people above the age of 90. At this age, any kind of injury to the joints can lead to the discharge of calcium crystals which can cause inflammation and severe swelling in the joint. Certain surgeries of the joint are also sometimes responsible for pseudogout. Pseudogout can also lead to degeneration of the joint and the joint cartilage and a more chronic a severe form of arthritis.

The condition normally treats itself and the inflammation reduces in a few weeks. Treatments for pseudogout aim primarily at reducing the pain, since there are no medications that can help to dissolve the crystals in the joint. For immediate relief from the intense pain you can apply an icepack on the affected joint. This will reduce the swelling and also provide much relief from the pain. You can also wrap the affected joints in a bandage prepared with cold cabbage leaves. This is very effective in reducing the pain and swelling. However the best treatment for pseudogout is regular exercise to keep the joints fluid and active. Gentle to moderate exercise helps to strengthen the muscles and tissues around the joint. Lack of proper exercise and regular use of the muscles, leads to the muscles and tissues around the joints wearing away faster. This modifies the structure of the joints and makes them weak and susceptible to pseudogout. You should thus exercise regularly to keep your joint muscles strong and flexible. If you have a problem with weight, then it is also advisable to reduce weight since that is another reason for the intense inflammation and pain of the joints. Finally, if the pain is intense and extremely unbearable you should consider consulting a doctor for adequate medication.

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