I take thryroform for thyroid 1 tablet first thing in the morning after that coffee. can I take cider vinegar just before breakfast. I have rheumatoid arthritis suffering for 9 years.

If you have been suffering form Rheumatoid arthritis for the past nine years, then you have probably been suffering painful knee joints, painful muscles. You must have noticed that with a change in the weather the pain in your joins and muscles increases or decreases too.

You should consult your doctor before you begin any medication. If you are already on some kind of medication for your condition, then it is better if you ask your doctor for advice before you begin on any treatment at home.

However, if you drink one cup of warm water with a tablespoon of honey mixed into it, you will find that it will benefit you greatly. Another easy home remedy that will not interfere with your regular medication is turmeric. Simply mix a pinch of turmeric in one cup of warm water. This can be drunk in the morning and again at night. Include spices like cumin, garlic and coriander in your cooking.

Some food items can also cause your rheumatoid arthritis to act up and cause you pain. You may find that if you stop eating foodstuff that is made of white floor, sugar and sweets like pies, your pain will drastically reduce. Massaging your affected joints with warm vinegar will give you relief too.

answered by G M

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