Gastritis Treatment: I am 30 years old. I feel like I have gastric, I bearch so many times in a day, I have diarrhea, feel some kind of liquid in my throat, I am having a constant litle pain on my back, heartburn got nausea. I clear my throst repeatedly.

From the symptoms you have described, it appears that you are suffering from gastritis. Gastritis is a condition when the inner protective lining of the stomach is corroded. The intestine walls are protected with a mucus membrane that protects it. Once this mucus membrane is destroyed it results in gastritis. There are several reasons for the inner mucus membrane to break up. The most common reason is an infection of a particular bacterium, Helicobacter pylori, which attacks the inner walls of the intestine. Besides this infection, prolonged use of pain killers like aspirin and ibuprofen can also damage the mucus membrane. Excessive smoking, alcohol abuse, improper lifestyle, and certain underlying diseases may also lead to gastritis.

Gastritis shows symptoms of severe pain in stomach, nausea, indigestion, flatulence, acidity, heartburn, and a general loss of appetite. In severe cases, one may also experience blood-stained or dark colored stool, increase in heartbeat, and loss of body weight. Although some of the symptoms you have described matches, it cannot be ascertained what exactly you are suffering from until you get diagnosed by a doctor. Since gastritis, if left untreated, can become chronic, it is better to see a doctor and ask for professional medical advice.

However, in the meantime, you can also try out some of the home remedies that are known to be effective for treating gastritis. Cranberry juice is a good drink for fighting Helicobacter pylori infection. You can make cranberry juice and drink it regularly. Ginger is also known to be effective in soothing stomach ailments and reduce inflammation. Similarly, drinking green tea can also be helpful.

To treat gastritis, it is also important that you follow a healthy and nutritious diet. Eat lot of fiber-rich vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, cereals, etc. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that your body remains hydrated an healthy. You should also try and eat foods that are rich in vitamin B12. Vitamin B 12 can be sourced from foods like fish, eggs, and meat. You can also take special medical supplements of B12 if your intake from dietary sources is not sufficient. Avoid dairy products, carbonated drinks, processed foods, fries, and spices as they can aggravate the symptoms of gastritis. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is to be strictly avoided as they are specifically responsible for gastritis.

A healthy lifestyle is equally important in remedying gastritis. Ensure that you do some mild exercises each day. It is important that the body remains active. You should also take steps to relax your body properly - sleep well and manage stress effectively.

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