Home remedies for black lips due to smoking

Dark lips greatly hamper the appearance of a person. It isn't nice to look at and often creates a sense of inferiority in the affected person. For a naturally dark skin complexion, the dark color of lips may be less visible; however, for a fair skin complexion, dark color of lips looks very odd.

As you have mentioned, most people get dark lips due to smoking. However, several other things may also contribute to make your lips dark. Often, the use of cheap cosmetics can damage the skin on your lips and make them darker. Lips can also become dark due to excessive intake of caffeinated beverages, sunburn, and allergy.

Since you have already identified that smoking has resulted in your dark lips, you will need to quit smoking altogether before you try out any of the home remedies. As long as you continue with your smoking, all home remedies will fail to bring in the desired effect. When you smoke the skin on your lips is burnt and discolored, resulting in dark lips.

You can follow some home remedies that are known to be effective at treating dark lips. Choose some of the remedies mentioned herein, and follow them regularly for some time. However, you should keep in mind that these remedies may take long time to bring in desired effect. Lips that have discolored and grown dark due smoking cannot be made natural overnight. Often the damage is permanent and cannot be remedied. Still, some home remedies may be worth trying. One of the methods is to use natural bleaching agents. Lime juice is a good example of this. Apply lime juice on your lips by gently rubbing with a cotton ball soaked in lime juice. You can also use apple cider vinegar in the same manner. Apple cider vinegar can also work as mild bleach. And the best thing about both lime juice and apple cider vinegar is that they are completely natural, unlike the commercial bleaches available. Besides natural bleaches you should also try to soften the skin on your lips. To soften the lips you can apply glycerin and honey. Similarly, you can also apply yoghurt or paste of ripe banana. For best results, apply these on your lips and leave them overnight before; wash them off in the morning with cold water. Another effective way to get back natural color of lips would be to exfoliate the skin. Brush your lips gently with a toothbrush ever morning while brushing your teeth. However, use a mild so as to avoid damaging the skin. A mild rub on the lips may remove the dead cells and help regenerate fresh cells.

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