How potatoes and milk can help in removing dark circles?

Potato contains bleaching agents, which can help lighten the dark tone of the skin under the eyes. So applying potato regularly on the dark circles will reduce the problem considerably. Potatoes can be used in sliced, grated or juiced form for this purpose. Peel and grate a raw potato, preferably cold, and apply it on the affected area or take out potato juice, soak cotton wool swab in it and apply on the dark patches and leave it on for 20 minutes. After the paste or juice has dried, wash your face with water. You can also follow the same procedure with a mixture of cucumber juice and potato juice. For better results, you can also cleanse your skin with cold milk after the application. Do this at least three times a week and the dark circles will vanish in a short span of time. Another remedy is to keep a potato slice under each eye, while relaxing for 10 minutes.

Apart from potato, milk is known to be one of the most effective and natural remedies. Every night before going to bed, soak cotton wool swab in cold milk and apply it on your dark circles and wash off after 15 minutes. Your dark circles will be gone within a few days. Milk can also be used in various combinations. Make a paste of almond mixed with milk, apply it and leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off well with water. You can also mix milk and rose petal extract and apply the paste regularly. Applying a teaspoonful of milk powder and honey also helps reduce dark circles within a short period of time.

While the above would help you reduce the dark patches under your eyes, there are various reasons why one gets these patches under one's eyes in the first place. Reasons like lack of sleep, poor nutrition and overexposure to sun, hormonal imbalances or even stress. In some cases, dark circles are also hereditary. Getting enough sleep everyday (seven-eight hours) is perhaps the best way to avoid getting dark circles. Apart from that a well balanced diet rich with green vegetables and fruits, drinking eight glasses of water each day also help. Whenever you step out, wear sunscreen and sunglasses to prevent UV rays from causing dark circles.

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