How do I get rid of purple circles under eyes?

Dark purple circles is generally seen in several people these days. It might be caused due to several factors which may be environmental or hereditary. Certain natural treatments for treating the purple circles under the eyes have helped several people to get rid of the dark purple circles around the eyes.

Firstly proper 8-9 hours sleep is mandatory for the eyes to be completely rested in order for the muscles near the eyes to be rejuvenated. Applying turmeric paste to the closed eyelids at the time of sleeping may provide some rest to the eyes and thereby offering the much required comfort.

Certain natural remedies for purple circles may also include application of a paste of tomato, turmeric, lemon mixed in gram flour. Gram flour mix helps in reducing the melanin amount in the suburbs of the eyes which reduces the darkness and puffiness near the eyes.

Mint leaves and tea is another home remedy for curing the dark circles under the eyes.

Drinking adequate amount of water helps in hydrating the natural eye tears. This keeps the eyes moist which may help in providing sufficient water supply to the muscles and the nerves near the eyes so as to keep them fresh.

Sunglasses should be worn while venturing outdoors. A regular almond oil massage may help in removing the dark circles around the eyes. Rose water too may provide coolness to the eyes and vitamin E rich diet intake will help to build a strong body from within. Vitamin A and C also helps to great extent to increase strength and reduce melanin creation in body which reduces the dark circles to great extent. Vitamin E tablets can be pierced open for application on the affected area and good results can be obtained.

In case you are suffering from vitiligo, which is a disease of the skin in which the skin loses its pigmentation, there is nothing you can do about it because there is no cure for it. If you suffer from any kind of skin problems, it is advisable to visit a nearby dermatologist.

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