I Need To Stop Menstruation Now. Could You Suggest Some Remedies?

Menstruation refers to the natural process which starts around the age 0f 12 years n most girls which is when estrogen starts getting produced in large quantities. The menstrual cycles in which there is bleeding very month from the womb prepares the womb to start reproduction. The bleeding usually last from 3 to 7 days and is normally accompanied by slight disturbances in the system due to the hormonal changes being experienced by the woman. There are several problems connected to menstruation for which you can consult a gynecologist for adequate treatment or use simple home remedies. While many women want to stop menstruation for various reasons ranging from extreme discomfort during the menstrual cycle, lack of desire for children to simply a feeling of liberation. Women who have weight problems or have an extremely active lifestyle, like athletes, often do not have a regular menstrual cycle. Certain birth control pills can also stop menstruation or reduce the frequency to 4 times a year, but this is not advisable since it can play havoc with the system later.

There is nevertheless an experimental method that exists which claims to naturally stop menstruation without causing other problems. In this method, you have to circle your breasts using your fingers. You can begin from the cleavage side of the breast, placing your finger next to the nipple and starting a circular motion towards the outside. Circle in a clockwise motion with your left hand and an anti-clockwise motion using your right hand. The people who practice this claim that circling each breast 200 times non-stop daily in this manner eventually stops menstruation. Once you have skipped a menstrual cycle you can reduce the circling to 100 times a day.

This, however, is not normal and it is not recommended to interfere with the natural cycle of the body. Instead of trying to alter the natural cycle of your body, you should focus on treating the menstrual problem you have. You can combat your menstrual problems using simple home remedies. Parsley juice is excellent for all kinds of menstrual problems and you can drink 75 ml of this juice daily. Similarly beet juice also helps to combat all menstrual problems and can be consumed daily. An infusion of ginger taken thrice a day after each meal is beneficial for all menstrual problems. Above all, avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol, consume the requisite amount of liquids and stick to a healthy lifestyle to have a regular and relatively stress free menstrual cycle.

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