I would like to know a remedy for swimmers itch please?

Swimmer's itch is a disorder of the skin that manifests in the formation of a rash over the parts of the skin that are exposed to water while swimming. It is caused when the skin comes into contact with a parasite called cercaria, released into fresh or marine water by aquatic snails. The parasite embeds itself into the skin, causing it to react and form a rash. It is not a life threatening disorder, but can cause a lot of unnecessary irritation. Common symptoms of swimmer's itch include a tingling, burning or itching sensation over the affected area once you have emerged from the water.

The best recommended method of dealing with swimmer's itch is to dry yourself off immediately with a soft cotton towel. The skin is sensitive at this time and making use of a coarse, synthetic towel could cause further damage. Washing the affected area with baking soda should cause the itching to stop within minutes. Soaking the affected areas in a warm oatmeal bath is also known to reduce itchiness and sensitivity of the skin. Instances of severe itching and burning can be overcome by the application of calendula lotion and calamine lotion, which soothe the skin. It is also recommended that soft soaps and cleansers be used while bathing because sensitive skin could be further damaged by soaps that contain harsh chemicals. Bees wax soaps are extremely gentle and helpful in cleaning sensitive skin.

A pack made of Fuller's earth and water is known to relieve symptoms of a rash and is therefore recommended. The pack should be left on for a few minutes and washed off with fresh water. Similarly, a mixture of one part of tea tree oil to ten parts of castor oil will help in clearing out the parasites that cause swimmer's itch. Another paste that can be used to cool and ease the rash is made by mixing sandalwood powder and rose water. The best way to avoid swimmer's itch is to swim in deeper water where the parasite is less likely to be present. In case you are subject to repeated occurrence of the swimmer's itch, it is advisable that you avoid going into the water at that particular place. Not all people are sensitive to swimmer's itch, but with increased exposure to the cercaria parasite, sensitivity increases, putting you at risk of breaking into a rash. In the event that the symptoms do not subside within a week, it is advisable to seek medical assistance.

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Swimmer's itch is a fairly common problem if you have been out swimming in fresh or natural water. The first thing you need to do is stop swimming in the outdoors. Usually, swimmer's rash is a problem that can take care of itself. It has a tendency to go away within a couple of days, or a week, at the most. If your problem has persisted for a longer duration, then you should be aware that it is only because of your frequency in swimming outside. Since the rash is caused my micro organisms that are dead on the surface of your skin, you should know that the only thing you can do is wait till they get out of your skin. In the meantime, you can get relief from the worst of the symptoms. Use of any cooling lotions or creams will be of help in dealing with the rash. You can use calamine lotion for relief from the severe itching and burning. As an alternative, you can also use calendula powder or lotion. Both of these products can help with keeping your skin cool and comfortable.

If you have managed to aggravate your condition unknowingly by repeatedly swimming in the same water, then you can apply tea tree oil to the rash. Dilute this product before you apply it, however. The reason for this is that it is an extremely strong product and using it undiluted may cause further harm, rather than good, to your skin. You can use a dilution of one part of tea tree oil to 10 parts of castor oil. This will help to heal your rash to a huge degree. It would be wiser to run a patch test on the inside of your elbow before you try this on the entire part of the skin affected by the rash. Use of fresh yogurt may also help to relieve the worst of the itching and burning symptoms. Another really good pack can be made with Fuller's Earth and water and this can be applied to the rash. Leave it on till it dries, and then wash off with plain water. This will help to provide relief by cooling down the skin. You can also make and apply a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water. This too will help with easing off on the extreme burning and aggravation. The only thing that will help is to avoid the same water again.

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