My 4 month old grandson has a white (pimple like shaped) spot on the left side of the tip of his tongue. He is bottle fed. I don't think his nipples are sterilized. He is happy and has no fever or symptoms of any type.

Different children react differently to bottle feeding. If your grandson is happy, seems to have no problems of any obvious kind or is not seemingly affected by with spot, your best option is to leave it alone. Sometimes, it is quite common for children who are bottle fed to develop small lesions on their tongue. While some of these can lead to problems, generally, they are quite harmless. They are basically an indicator that the child is hungry and is sucking strong and hard. What typically happens is that infants tend to keep sucking and forget to take a break. Due to this reason, the small hole in the nipple causes a small boil to form on the delicate tongue. This is totally harmless. While in some cases, it may actually lead to something like an injury, it normally does not. You mentioned that his nipples are not sterilized. While there is no reason to continually sterilize his nipples compulsively, you can certainly try and sterilize them about once a week at least. This ensures that there are no unnecessary problems that may afflict the baby. Once again, it is imperative that you know that this is not a mandatory thing to do.

Should this boil become bigger, you can take some easy methods at home to take care of it. Try and buy absolutely pure honey, and use this. While doctors compulsively prohibit giving honey to children under the age of a year, you should know that in almost all ancient cultures, honey is highly recommended for a variety of ailments and problems. But you would need to dilute a drop of honey in a teaspoon of water before placing a drop of this diluted solution on the tip of the little while boil. Do this about twice a day and you will see that the problems and pain will automatically subside. Once again, it is important for you to be sure that the honey you have procured and used has to be absolutely pure and cannot be mixed with any preservatives or other chemicals. For a child so small, there is too little by way of home remedies that can be used. There are just too many restrictions that are in place for infants, so it is not really safe to give them anything for such small things. Try to ensure that the problem does not escalate into a bigger one by taking care of simple things like hygiene.

answered by M W

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