My partner has been a alcoholic for over 5 years, but she has recently started to get white spots over the back of her hands, she also has had a hard white ulcer type swelling at the tip of her tongue.

Mouth ulcers are a very common condition to develop and can have a significant effect on the ease with which you consume your food on a daily basis. Mouth ulcers are one of the common side effects of alcohol consumption over a sustained period of time. Mouth ulcers that have developed are likely to be rather sensitive to spicy foods and, as a result, it would be a good idea to avoid any kind of foods or liquids that are likely to trigger a painful reaction. Alcohol should be given up immediately in order to not only avoid further development of the condition, but also to allow any treatment plans to be more effective. Raw salad is known to be one of the best meal options when it comes to dealing with alcohol and mouth ulcers. Animal meats should not be a part of the food consumed by the patient for at least a couple of days as they tend to increase the acidity within the body. This would increase the pain levels as well as slow down the healing process. Chewing on leaves of holy basil will help stem most of the side effects of alcohol related to the painful mouth ulcers.

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What are some of the most common alcohol withdrawal effects and symptoms?

Excessive alcohol consumption could lead to alcohol addiction and it can be difficult to get over, like any addiction. Alcohol withdrawal has definite signs and symptoms and every recovering alcohol addict shows these signs. The alcohol withdrawal signs and symptoms are many and will be visible and sometimes difficult to handle. Some of the withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, irritation, sweats, shaking, headaches, loss of appetite, insomnia, accelerated heart rate and depression. These symptoms take some time to stop appearing and need to be dealt with patience. It can be exasperating if the person suffering thinks he needs alcohol to function. The alcohol withdrawal effects are usually beyond only physical signs. These effects are also psychological. People who are recovering from alcohol addiction need tremendous support from friends and family to be strong and go through the physical effects and deal with the trauma as well. Since recovery is an ongoing process, do not be too hard on people recovering if they fall off the wagon. They are human and need unstinting support. In extreme cases, even medical intervention is often needed as the physical signs of alcohol withdrawal can be difficult to handle. Family and friends are encouraged with the person suffering to engage with local support groups as it can be difficult to handle in isolation.

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What are the causes and symptoms of ulcers in the mouth?

Mouth ulcers are sores that appear in the mouth. These sores could be caused by many factors. The most common causes of mouth ulcers include compromised immunity, bad digestion due to genetic disease, oral trauma or stress and possibly hormonal imbalances. There are even foods that have been known to trigger mouth ulcers in some people. Foods which often cause allergies can also cause mouth ulcers. Some of these foods mainly include chocolate, peanuts, strawberries and coffee. Mouth ulcers can also aggravate if the person is suffering from a lot of stress and trouble. Deficiencies in vitamin B12 and iron have also been known to cause mouth ulcers.

Signs and symptoms of mouth ulcers include bleeding in the mouth, bad breath, itching, difficulty chewing or swallowing, blisters, patches or red spots, swelling of the gums, tongue or tonsils. These symptoms build up over weeks and do not generally appear instantly. Paying attention to your oral health will help you catch the problem in time. Antibiotics can be given but only in extreme cases.

Following a balanced diet with a fixed proportion of whole grains, fruits and vegetables can make a difference to your long term health and make recurrent mouth ulcers disappear.

answered by G R

Are there any home remedies for treating mouth ulcers?

Mouth ulcers are a very common condition to suffer from and can have a significant effect on the ease with which you are able to eat, thereby directly affecting a person’s appetite. Also known as canker sores, there are a number of natural remedies for mouth ulcers that will prove to be rather effective in their treatment. For instance, you could use raw onions in curing the ulcers. Raw onion has antiseptic, anti fungal and antibacterial properties that will help in subsiding the pain and prominence of the ulcer. The same can be said of garlic and ginger when it comes to home treatments for mouth ulcers. Equally important during home treatments for mouth ulcers is your appetite and the kind of food you incorporate in your diet. Foods that are either spicy or oily are known to cause further complications and aggravate the ulcers. Another very effective method of natural remedies for mouth ulcers is to make it a point to gargle every morning with the help of some salty water or barley tea. You could also try simply coating the ulcer with some honey and allowing it to salivate. This is known to bring down the inflammation tremendously.

answered by G R

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