I have intestinal bleeding due to colon surgery. My intestines do not want to heal on the micro-vascular level and I would like to know if enemas could be helpful for this.

To begin with, you should not try to employ self help techniques when you have undergone something as serious as a surgery. It would be interesting to know how you came to the conclusion that your intestines do not want to heal on a micro vascular level. If your doctor has endorsed this statement, then the same doctor would have also recommended an alternative healing method for you. Please understand that you are better off employing that method instead if anything else. When it comes to taking enemas, you should be aware that they are not a method of healing anything at all. They will simply help to completely empty out your intestines and possibly help you to get a cleaner system in the process of doing it. But there is absolutely no healing property attached to taking an enema in any kind of medicine or ancient science. If you wish to take enemas for healing, you are advised to think this over several times before you actually do it. Since you are in the process of recovering from surgery, you are not advised to do anything which may hinder your recovery. You should know that enemas will always tend to leave you feeling weak. The primary reason for this is that taking an enema will always remove excessive water from the body as opposed to when you have a natural bowel movement. So you are better off avoiding taking an enema at all.

As for the bleeding, you are advised to go back to the doctor who conducted your surgery and checking with them as to the reason for this bleeding. This is your best bet, as not only is the doctor obliged to provide you with reasons and solutions, you are also entitled to post operative consultation. Remember that something like internal bleeding post operatively could also indicate something else. Depending upon your age, the problem could also be quite serious. But instead of using the unreliable method of self diagnosis, you are better off seeking proper medical assistance. Since you have had a recent surgery, you should be aware that bleeding could also be a normal by product of the same. Once again, if you consult with your doctor, you will get an accurate answer to any questions you may have in this regard. It cannot be advised emphatically enough that you avoid any sort of self diagnosis or treatment and only follow proper medial advise.

answered by M W

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