I removed my gall bladder about 10 years ago, at age 16. I havn't change my diet since then. Should I start a new diet soon since I don't have a gall bladder?

Since you have eaten a normal diet for 10 years after having your gall bladder removed, it seems rather obvious that no special diet is necessary, doesn't it? Is there any particular reason why you are concerned about this after such a long period of time? In case you have been experiencing any severe symptoms, you should visit a doctor, as these may indicate the existence of an entirely new problem. If not, you can relax.

The only major concern after removal of the gall bladder is about infection or injury to the bile duct. Any dietary restrictions are temporary, meant to be observed only during the recovery period. Patients are often advised a clear liquid diet for the first few days, and then a gradual return to their regular diet. The function of the gall bladder is to store bile from the liver and release it when fatty food is consumed. Removal of the bladder does not affect the liver's production of bile, so digestion of fat is not usually affected. However, some patients find that their ability to handle certain types of food has changed. These are usually high fat foods, but can also include fiber, spices, proteins. If you have noticed that too much of something affects you negatively, it is probably best to cut down on the offending substance. Apart from this, no real special diet is necessary. 

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