Please suggest what to use for boils?

The solution to get rid of boils totally depends upon what kind of boils you are suffering from. Boils can occur on your body due to a variety of reasons. If you do not know the specific reason why your boils have sprouted, you can go for a medical examination. This will be a correct measure of why you have got those boils, as a doctor will be able to accurately diagnose them for you. Sometimes, it is possible that you are suffering from boils due to allergic reactions to something you may have eaten or touched. This is quite common, and is generally taken care of by strong anti allergy medication. Since this may also include antibiotics, it is possible only for a doctor to administer you any kind of treatment. What kind of medication may also depend upon what element or food you are reacting to. This would sometimes demand a certain type of medicine as well, particularly if you are suffering from strong allergic reactions. Sometimes, excessive heat can also lead to the occurrence of boils. This happens when you have either been exposed to too much heat or you are eating food that is causing too much of heat in the body. If this is the case with you, you would have to make alterations in your diet to control the situation. This means you will have to stick to mild foods for some time in order to get rid of the boils. Concentrate on eating more of fresh fruits and vegetables, as opposed to fried and greasy food. This will improve the general quality of your skin to a large extent. You should also stay off meat for some time. Check to see if this helps to improve your condition. You should also remember and make it a point to drink large quantities of water during the day, this will help you to improve the texture of your skin and do away with troublesome things such as boils.

It is also possible that you have boils due to the fabric you are wearing. It is not always necessary for the material of your clothing to agree with you. Sometimes, some people have delicate skin that reacts to substances such as polyesters and nylons to a large degree. This can also sometimes manifest in boils. If your problem lies with clothing, you will have to change the material you are wearing.

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