Kindly suggest some natural treatment for sunburn lips

If you are suffering from sunburned lips, there are a few things you can try to take care of this problem at home. The first thing you should do is make sure you stop your lips from burning further. Make it a rule to always apply a lip balm that also has sunscreen lotion. These are quite cheap and are also easily available at any pharmacy. This will help by preventing you from getting your lips exposed to the sun any further than they already are. Lips are extremely delicate and the slightest exposure to the sun can sometimes aggravate your already burnt skin quite easily. You should also take great care that you do not keep your lips dry at any time. Dryness will only aggravate your burns and will make you feel several times worse. This will also delay your healing process considerably. One of the best things to use for sunburned lips is clarified butter. You can also make your own by melting unsalted butter till it clarifies, then straining it. This can also be stored at room temperature for as long as six months.

You can also make a paste of fresh milk cream, crushed rose petals and sandalwood powder. If this becomes too much for you, you can also use any two ingredients of all the ones listed here. All of these ingredients will provide soothing coolness to your burned lips. They will also all help in the process of healing to a large extent. You can also use this remedy as frequently as you like, since all the ingredients are natural and will not result in any harmful side effects either. You can also make and use a paste of turmeric powder and clarified butter for the healing process as well as to provide relief from any pain or discomfort you may be troubled with. Turmeric powder is a natural anti septic and will always help to heal any skin ailment when applied topically. You can also add it to your food for general immunity against minor infections and such like. You must also make it a point to keep rubbing milk cream on your lips intermittently. This will also help to make your skin heal quite quickly. If your condition does not improve within a week or so, consult a doctor and take medicines for it.

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