Plagued With Constant Infections of the Ear

What if you have tubes in your ears and have chronic infections and stopping up of ears even with medicines?

If you are plagued with constant infections of the ear, you can try to take some measures to stop them. But the most significant thing would be to try and isolate the cause for your recurrent infections. Usually, there is a pattern followed by such recurring ear infections. And there is a reason for these patterns. Look into your lifestyle to see if you can isolate any reasons. A common reason is getting water into your ears. If this water is not effectively removed, you may find that you are constantly having the problem of ear infections. Even if you use medicines, in such cases, there is nothing much you can do. As long as there is water logging in your ears, there will be infections as well. Another reason is also constant fidgeting with the ear. A lot of people have the general tendency to fidget with their ears. This can also cause infections. Basically, this may also cause small wounds in your ear that may not go away easily or without a great deal of effort. These can then become infected, and the result would be yet another infection. These are some of the commonest reasons and should be taken care of accordingly.

Home Remedies for Ear Infections

You can also try to keep your ears clean and infection free at home by trying out a couple of remedial measures. But keep in mind that if these do not show positive results within a couple of weeks, you must stop everything you are doing and consult a doctor. The ear is a delicate organ and must not be either neglected or left to heal by itself, you may find that this will backfire on your badly. If you let these problems fester, you could also end up losing your capacity to hear properly. Adding a few drops of garlic juice in each ear would go a long way in healing any infections you may have developed there. Garlic is considered to be an excellent healing agent for all ear problems as well. You can also make a mix of one part each of vinegar and water and pour this down your ear. You will find that this will take care of sanitizing your ear to a large extent. Alternately, you can also pour some lime juice in your ear. This will also sanitize your skin and ear. But make sure you try these remedies for a week at least before you can see results.

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