My face is oily and I have lot of acne on my face. When I was small I was too fair like tomato skin but now as I explore too much in the sun I got dark. Suggest me some home remedies.

From your description, it is evident that you are looking for a cure for acne, oily skin as well as darkening of the skin due to over exposure to the sun. The first thing to approach is the oiliness of the skin, as this will take care of the problem of acne as well. You can make it a daily habit to apply a layer of fresh unsweetened, unflavored yogurt to your face in this case. Keep it on for about 15 minutes before washing off with plain water. Try not to use soap, so that this works more effectively. This will contribute to less oily skin by making sure the surface oils are absorbed by the yogurt. You must also make it a point to exfoliate your face every other day as well. This will remove the surface layer of dead skin that sticks to your face and adds to the oiliness. It will also enable your pores to open up and help with fighting the problem of acne. Use any exfoliating agent specially formulated for oily skin. You can add a few drops of lime juice to it for better results. Try to do this before bath time, as this is when it will be most effective. You can also use a daily toner. You can either buy one for oily skin from the market or make your own at home. This is a very simple process. You can chop a tomato into two and scrub your face evenly with it for excellent results. This will give a beautiful even tone to your skin. You can also apply cucumber juice to your skin to tone it very effectively. This will also contribute towards fairer skin.

In order to lighten the color of your skin, the first step you must take is to never step out into the sun without applying a layer of sunscreen lotion. This will immediately stop your skin from getting darker in the first place. It does not matter even if you are planning to be out for a short while. Just ensure that your skin never sees the sun directly and half your problem will be solved. You should cleanse your ski everyday to ensure that your dirt and grime from the day does not stick around while you sleep. You can also apply a daily night pack made with a bit of almond powder, a strand or two of saffron and a bit of yogurt.

answered by M W

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