I have been suffering from achy bottom for a long time mainly at night and sometimes it bleeds. I am not sure what it is and what to do. Kindly help?

In this case, going by the symptoms you have described, it is possible that you could be suffering from a variety of ailments. You have not mentioned your gender or age, so it is also possible that you could be suffering from post pregnancy hemorrhoids, if the situation fits. There are a few measures you can adopt to take care of the situation at home. This can be done without resorting to using medicines to control and rectify the problem. The first thing you would have to make sure of is that you are not suffering from hard stools. This will only serve to aggravate your agony. To do this, you can make some small changes in your diet. The first thing to do is increase your water intake. Next, you must increase your intake of substances high in fiber. This will facilitate easy bowel movements and not cause you any pain. You must start eating more of fresh fruits and uncooked vegetables. Avoid processed, since they contain preservatives that may lead to dehydration. You should avoid fruits such apples, as this tends to harden your stools further. You should instead have more of peaches, papayas, plums, prunes and pineapples, which are excellent facilitators of digestion. This will make it easier for you to have good bowel movements.

If you are continually suffering from a bleeding anus, then it is possible that you have suffered scrapes or injuries. In order to take care of injuries in such a delicate area, you can adopt some simple changes in your lifestyle. The first thing to do is to stop using toilet paper. This will tend to aggravate your condition. Wash with plain water instead. You can use toilet paper only to pat yourself dry. It is also advisable to apply a basic antiseptic cream to your anus every night before bedtime. This will help to heal the area quickly. You can also use witch hazel to help heal this area. Witch hazel is the best thing to use for areas which are constantly damp. You can buy witch hazel pads and apply them there. Or you can buy the liquid and apply it to cotton pads and leave it there. This will fall off every time you use the toilet, so you may just end up using several a day. These measures should help you to resolve the problem.

answered by M W

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