How to get rid of stomach acidity naturally?

Acids are normally secreted by the stomach to facilitate the digestive process and help break down food. High levels of these stomach acids can however cause the condition called acidity. Symptoms of acidity include heartburn, dyspepsia and at times erosion of the stomach's lining, which contributes to and accelerates the formation of ulcers. Many people rely on over-the-counter medications or antacids for quick relief from acidity, but a healthy diet is your best bet for overcoming the problem. Try to avoid eating a heavy meal for dinner as this is the biggest cause of excess stomach acid production.

Try to eat relatively small and frequent meals instead of the usual three big meals you would have in a day. Smaller proportions of food at a time would exert a much lower workload on the stomach, which means that less acid secretion is needed for digestion. Including foods that have a high content of complex carbohydrates in your meals can help a lot. Breads, rice and pasta would therefore be ideal.

Avoid junk food and meals that have a high fat content like those from fast food chains. Foods of this kind will remain for much longer in the stomach and so more acid is secreted to help digest them. Whatever you do eat make sure it is in moderation as over eating no matter what the type of food will cause the stomach to increase acid production to digest the food. Avoid or restrict your intake of alcohol, chocolate, and any foods containing caffeine like coffee and tea. Avoid lying down and in fact try to maintain an upright posture for at least forty five minutes after eating.

Although most people think that beverages don't have much effect on acid production, even wine and beer can stimulate acid secretion. Beer is particularly bad for acidity.

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