What can help my feeling of fatigue, lack of energy and lack of mental concentration? Kindly suggest the causes and alternative treatments?

Fatigue, lack of mental concentration and a general feeling that you don't have the energy to get through a day are symptoms that could mean that you are simply overworked and need a break very badly. On the other hand these could be indicative of some serious illness.

For instance people who suffer from parathyroid disease often do complain of these symptoms. They also complain of a general feeling of being unwell and often the feeling of tiredness is interpreted as a feeling of being old and tired. They do complain of a lack of concentration and patients suffering from hypothyroidism will often complain that they cannot recall their actions of a few minutes back. If you have also been far more irritable than usual and have had trouble sleeping, this could be cause. However, it is difficult to actually decide if you are suffering from parathyroid disease without carrying out appropriate tests. You should consult your doctor at the earliest since he will be able to ascertain the actual cause of your symptoms.

From your description of the symptoms you have noticed, it could also be what is known as cognitive dysfunction. Cognitive dysfunction is often noticed in relation with various illnesses. However, it is neither possible nor is it advisable that your disease is diagnosed without a complete examination. While the examination is the first step in diagnosing and treating your condition, you can try to help yourself by following some simple steps. Very often lack of sleep can affect both your memory and your concentration. You should ensure that you do not have late nights. Instead get at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Eat healthy by staying away from fried, spicy food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drinks lots of fluids. If your work causes stress, make an effort to relax since stress is often responsible for playing havoc with your memory. Learn some simple meditation techniques and ensure that you practice these every day. Regular exercise can also relax you and help your mind to relax. Eat at five almonds everyday since these are believed to improve your memory. If it is at all possible, you should take a break and go away for some time. If you have been working without a break or if you have recently recovered from an illness of any kind, these could be the reasons for your fatigue and lack of concentration.

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