Transmmission, Prevention and Helpful Tips To Get Rid of Scabies: What is the fasted way to get rid of scabies? How do I keep them from spreading to other family members? And is there a way to keep from getting them if you live with someone who has them?

Scabies is a transmissible skin infection caused by an infestation of the sarcoptes scabiei, an itch mite. The infection is characterized by intense itching, superficial burrows and secondary infection. The intense itching is caused by the mites that burrow into the skin. The itching is usually much worse at night.

Transmission of the infection requires close person-to-person contact. It can rarely be transmitted through shaking hands, or sharing a clothesline or cupboard. Sexual activity is however the most frequent cause of transmission. Over time, close friends and members of the family can contract it this way, too. A school environment as well does not provide the setting for transmission. Prolonged exposure to even small amounts of bodily or skin to skin contact however do increase the risks of infection so it is customary for other members of the family to be treated as well. This is a necessary precautionary measure, irrespective of whether they are itchy or not, and is one aspect of the treatment. Failing to do so will increase the possibility of your getting infected again or of an infection in any of your family members.

You can treat the infection using permethrin available at as an over the counter medication at most stores. This is the most common drug used to treat scabies and is in most cases extremely effective. The mites may be present on any part of the skin not just the itching areas so apply the treatment to all areas of skin. Leave the application on for at least twelve hours before washing it off. Whenever you do wash your hands, make sure that you apply the ointment to your hands again. Two such treatments with a one week gap should suffice as any unhatched eggs from the time of the first treatment will have hatched by now.

In addition to the above mentioned course of treatment you can also try out some home remedies that are believed to be useful for dealing with a scabies infection. Cut an onion and scoop out the center. Fill the resulting cavity with coarse salt and give it time to dissolve. Use the resulting liquid as an application for your skin in areas that are particularly itchy. Garlic has also been found to be useful for the condition and you can crush a clove of garlic to extract a juice or paste that you can use as a skin application. Refrain from using harsh soaps as they can further irritate your skin. Herbal soaps are a much safer option.

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