Health advices for colieac disease

Several people over the world are affected by Coeliac. However this is a disease which affects people belonging to some particular geographical locations, rather than other areas. When a person is suffering from Coeliac disease there is a reaction when gluten comes into contact with the lining of the small bowel. The tiny finger like objects that are contained in the small bowel are attacked by the immune system and are finally destroyed. As a result of this the nutrients from the food that the patient consumes goes down without it being absorbed. This causes diarrhea, deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. This can also cause osteoporosis and anemia. Coeliac can affect both women and men. People whose family members suffer form Coeliac also have a very strong chance of suffering from this disease.

Coeliac can be identified by a variety of symptoms and interestingly the symptoms are different for children and adults. However some common factors in both children and adults suffering from Coelia are vomiting and diarrhea. In addition to this is the problem of irritability and an inability to gain weight. People suffering from Coelia also complain of a lack of appetite. These people also have swollen stomachs. Their stools are pale and bulky and they have a nasty smell. When adults have Coeliac they are unable to move their bowels and they have bloating of the stomach. In addition to this they are a prey to gas.

You have mentioned the fact that your mouth smells and this disturbed you. It is more than likely that this smell is caused by Coeliac. Constipation and other problems related to the stomach do affect the mouth. When your are unable to move your bowels regularly and when you have gas, nasty smelling stools and other such symptoms related to the stomach, it is more than likely that this affects your general health and your oral hygiene in particular. Sometime adults who suffer from Coeliac also complain of ulcers in their mouths. This could also be responsible for the bad smell in your mouth. You can drink pineapple juice since this helps get rid of the bad odor in the mouth. Regular exercise will help you stay healthy and move your bowels regularly. This will help reduce the smell in your mouth. You can chew on some sunflower seeds after you have eaten your meals. Follow this with a glass of water and you will find the smell reducing.

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