Are there any home remedies to get rid of oral thrush due to radiation?

Oral thrush is a painful mouth infection or fungal infection caused due to excess of sugar in the diet. This can also be caused due to radiation and is mainly found in infants and children. The baby or child suffering from oral thrush show signs of white patches on the tongue.

There are many natural remedies that are beneficial in treating oral thrush. Following are some of the best cures for oral thrush:

  • Firstly, clean the fungus layer on the tongue using a thin cotton wool. Don't exert more pressure on the tongue as it is the most sensitive part of your mouth.
  • Consuming garlic is one of the best remedy of curing oral thrush. Garlic has anti fungal properties and helps in killing the fungus that caused the infection.
  • Prepare a mouth wash by mixing apple cider vinegar, warm water and a pinch of salt. Use this mouth wash to rinse your mouth.
  • Eat more of onions as onions help in healing the white patches on your tongue.
  • Eat coconut or drink coconut milk for treating mouth infection.
  • Buttermilk is a traditional home cure for oral thrush.
  • Yogurt is also beneficial for treating oral thrush as it helps in destroying fungus and restoring the lost bacterial flora in the mouth.

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