Home remedies to treat acne based on your skin type

I've a small dime size red raw patch that seems to be oozing oil what is it?

The kind of patch you are describing could be caused due to a vast variety of things. The most important thing is for you to determine exactly what this patch is and why it has appeared. Sometimes, acne can also appear and look like a rash. It is also possible that the acne is oozing an oily substance, which is body oil or even water. If this is indeed the case, you would have to take measures for it accordingly. However, before you begin trying to do anything at all, you would need to get yourself examined by a qualified physician, who will be better able to diagnose your condition. It is advisable that you go to a dermatologist, who will be better equipped to examine your skin at close quarters.

Since you have not mentioned what part of the body this patch is on, only some general measures to take care of it yourself can be suggested. Once you have a diagnosis, you will be able to apply whichever method you deem fit for your red patch. If you are suffering from a red rash caused due to acne, you can begin taking care of it by exfoliating your skin. You should use an exfoliating agent that is best suited to your skin type. You can also prepare your own concoctions. For oily skin, make a scrub with equal parts of coarsely ground walnuts and dried, crushed orange peels, mixed with enough fresh yogurt to make a paste. This can be gently rubbed on the skin in circular motions to remove excess oil and deposits. A few drops of lemon or lime juice added to this will also sanitize your skin suitably and well. If you have oily skin, you can make a pasty mix of olive oil and sugar crystals and use this in the same fashion. In any case, a few drops of lime juice will have a good effect, so it is advisable to add it. If you have the rash due to some sort of infection, then you can apply a paste made with turmeric powder and clarified butter to it. This will sanitize as well as heal the rash. You will notice the difference almost at once. If the rash is due to ringworm, a fungal infection, then you can rub a piece of iron, brass or copper vigorously over it. This is an old remedy known to kill ringworm.

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