Get Rid of Lice With Natural Remedies

How long do i leave the vinegar on my childs head to kill the lice?

In order to get rid of lice, you can use diluted organic vinegar. This is a very effective remedy, but one that should be used with caution. If used too much, it can actually cause damage to the child’s skin. The ideal amount of time you should leave it on should not be more than 10 minutes. You must also make sure you dilute it. The normal dilution is one part vinegar to 10 parts of water. There are also some more highly effective remedies that can kill lice and ensure that they do not return to trouble your child. The most effective one is to apply mayonnaise to the child’s scalp. You can leave the mayonnaise on the scalp for about half an hour. This is known to effectively "choke out" any lice infestations quite effectively and well. This remedy is also relatively harmless and mild and can be used about twice a week. However, if the infestation is strong, then you should use it daily for about a week. This will show you positive results. After that, if the child is still troubled with a mild lice infestation, you can use mayonnaise for about once a week to take care of it effectively.

Another very effective remedy is to mix a few drops of tea tree oil in the bottle of regular shampoo that is used by the child. Tea tree oil is a very strong product and will kill the lice almost instantly. However, you would need to exercise great caution while using this product, even in very small quantities. Make sure you do not get any of it in the child’s eye. Children have delicate eyes and if it gets into the eyes, the membranes of the eyes may be damaged with it. Kerosene is another method to employ to get rid of lice. But once again, you would have exercise caution while using it, as it can cause untold damage to the hair and skin. You should try to avoid it as much as you can, instead trying out other methods first. Shaving cream is also known to work at destroying lice. If none of the other methods work, you could apply regular shaving cream to your scalp and see if that works for you. However, use this only as a last resort, as shaving cream is not particularly good for hair on the head. Also, try not to use it too frequently.

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