I have black skin on my back. Normally it does not itch. How do I cure it?? It is not increasing.

Many people face the problem of skin discoloration, especially in patches on areas like the neck, back and thighs. This can be quite an embarrassing condition as the skin appears to be dirty. The main cause for patchy discoloration is the accumulation of dead skin cells. Uneven pigmentation may also be responsible for this problem.

There are a number of homemade beauty treatments that can help to resolve this problem. A mixture made with equal parts of lemon juice, honey and sugar makes a good exfoliating scrub. If you are unable to reach the darkened portion, ask someone to help you with this method. Rub the mixture in a circular motion over the area until the sugar dissolves completely. The sugar helps to remove dead skin cells while the honey helps to soften the skin and kill any infection causing germs. Lemon juice is a natural skin lightening agent that also aids skin repair. Alternatively, home remedies for fair complexion include regular massages that help to improve blood circulation to the skin as well as enhance the flow of natural oil to curb dryness. The use of almond oil or virgin coconut oil is recommended for this purpose as they nourish the skin, keeping it soft and radiant.

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Are there any remedies for itchy skin on the back?

Itching skin is caused by a number of different possible problems. An itch is commonly caused by skin that is too hot and is unable to cool itself. This is common in summer months. Itching may happen when the skin is dry and undernourished. The cracking and breaking of skin can lead to this type of sensation. Itching may also occur as a result of an allergic reaction that takes place when the skin comes into contact with some substance that acts as a trigger. Finally, itching is common when there is an infection on the skin or when the skin is not properly cleaned and cleared of dirt.

There are plenty of different home remedies for itchy skin. The use of oatmeal baths is common when patients experience itchy skin. Naturally, the underlying cause should be understood and dealt with. However, these home remedies for itchy skin can be used to help with the symptoms of itching. One may also gain some relief by washing the area with cool water. Aloe vera cream can be applied to an itchy patch of skin for some relief. If the skin is not broken, one can apply some baby oil to help soothe the skin so that the itchiness is reduced.

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What are it's causes?

One of the most common causes of itchy skin is prickly heat. Prickly heat appears in the form of red rash which causes an itchy sensation on the skin of the individual. When a person sweats more than usual especially in extreme temperatures it can cause a prickly heat rash. During this time the tweat glands tend to get blocked because of the excessive sweating and the sweat gets trapped beneath the skin causing an itchy red prickly heat rash. These rashes are more common on body parts which are covered by clothes such as the back, chest, neck, armpits, stomach, arms and legs. Some of the most common prickly heat symptoms include itching, mild inflammation and prickling or stinging sensation.

These symptoms are more severe on clothed parts of the body due to sweat accumulation and friction caused by clothes. Allergies are also one of the common causes of itchy skin and exposure to allergens like dust, pollen and dander can also result in itchy skin rashes. Chemicals contained in certain soaps and perfumes can also cause dry and itchy skin in some cases. Some of the other causes of itchy skin could include diseases like AIDS, hepatitis and kidney failure and infections like eczema, psoriasis, scabies and ringworms.

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How can I treat prickly heat at home?

Prickly heat is a condition that occurs in hot weather where the skin begins to itch and turn red. Small red dots may be visible on the affected skin at this time. This problem occurs when the skin is unable to cool itself down because the sweat glands cannot deal with the heat. Often, excessive humidity is a contributing factor to this condition as the accumulated sweat on the individual's body hinders the process of cooling.

Amongst the most common home remedies for prickly heat is the simple remedy that involves bathing the affected area in cool water. This provides immediate relief to the skin by cooling it down. It also helps to wash the area so that accumulated dirt in the pores gets removed. An oatmeal bath is useful to soothe the skin as it provides some relief for the skin that is inflamed and irritated. One can also use powder when one is going out in hot weather as this helps with cooling and helps to reduce the irritation felt by the individual. It is also important to wear loose fitting clothing as this will promote ventilation and help cool the skin down. Cotton clothing is recommended in hot weather conditions.

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