My entire body itches quite often. Please suggest me some medicines or treatments.

Body itch occurs quite often due to blood being impure. The itching can affect one particular part of the body such as the hands or the nose or it can affect the entire body. Needless to say, itching is infectious. It spreads through direct contact as well as indirect contact.

A number of natural home remedies exists that help you deal with itching. These bring considerable relief and do succeed at eliminating the sensation altogether. Peppermint bath is one such remedy. Peppermint baths are known to bring about immense relief from the itching sensation. Another natural remedy involves the usage of honey and cinnamon powder. Take equal quantities of honey and cinnamon powder and mix them into a fine paste. Apply this paste onto the areas affected to bring immediate relief. Another remedy that is also quite effective is the one that involves oatmeal. You need to mix 2 cups of oatmeal in lukewarm water. Gently apply this mixture to the areas affected by the body itch.

Apple cider vinegar has also been used to bring about relief from itching. Before use however, apple cider vinegar has to be diluted with water. Once that is done, you can wash the affected skin gently with this solution. White vinegar also is a relief agent. A cup of white vinegar poured into bath water makes for an excellent soak. Do remember to soak yourself in this bath water for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Cod liver oil does have curative properties that help in eliminating itching. The application of cod liver oil must be religiously adhered to for a few weeks to obtain optimum results. Besides this, Aloe Vera also helps soothe the affected areas. Dry skin has a tendency to itch all the more after a wash. Hence, use a moisturizer for such skin.

Among other oils, coconut oil also helps to soothe the itching sensation. You need to mix coconut oil with the juice extracted from fresh lemons and apply the mixture regularly for around a month or so.

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