I am suffering from hyperbilirubinemia gilberts from last 5 years, bilirubin is 2.2 and sgpt is 39. Please advice medicine for reducing bilirubin?

Hyperbilirubinemia is basically a high level of bilirubin in the blood, and Gilbert's Syndrome is a rather mild liver disorder that results in slightly high levels of bilirubin. Bilirubin is the result of the breakdown of hemoglobin in the body, and is excreted in bile as a waste product. In people with Gilbert's syndrome, there is a problem with an enzyme that helps in getting rid of bilirubin, and as a result, the bilirubin remains in the body, where it tends to cause very mild jaundice. Fortunately, this is about the only problem caused by Gilbert's syndrome. You might think that jaundice is a serious problem, even if it is the only one - however, jaundice is only a symptom, and not a disease as it is very often thought to be. The reason why jaundice is considered serious is that many serious liver disorders can have jaundice as a symptom. In this case however, we know that the cause of jaundice is a rather harmless, mild liver disorder.

We know that certain factors can cause bilirubin levels to go up, so it is advisable that you avoid these factors to the extent possible. These include excessive exertion, skipping meals, and stress, three things that can be quite easily avoided. Dehydration can also cause bilirubin levels to rise, so you should be especially particular about drinking enough water daily. Certain drugs should also be avoided, as your liver may not be able to process them; you should therefore always inform any doctor treating you that you have Gilbert's syndrome. Minor infections such as the cold can also cause bilirubin levels to rise, and although colds are impossible to avoid, you should take the necessary precautions to reduce your chances of infection. In addition to this, you should eat regular, healthy meals, but also try to identify foods that disagree with you - in some people, hyperbilirubinemia is aggravated by alcohol and fatty foods.

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