Advice on bilirubin count, vitamin k deficiency and low platelets

Bilirubin is a compound that is excreted from the body in stools and urine. It is formed when the old red blood cells are destroyed and the new red blood cells are created. The liver breaks the bilirubin to simpler compounds so that it can be excreted from the body easily. If your bilirubin levels are high, it is possible that your liver is not healthy and that your bilirubin is not being processed properly in the body. Increased bilirubin in the blood could eventually cause jaundice and yellowing of the skin and whites of eyes.

A blood test may be performed to check how much bilirubin you have in your blood. If the bilirubin is high, as in your case, further tests are performed to check whether the liver is healthy. Since the liver is a very important organ in the digestive system, keeping it healthy is very important. Diagnosing a liver problem in the initial stages can help you deal with the condition much more easily. You may have to get yourself checked for scarring of the liver or cirrhosis. Some of the other underlying conditions that could cause a rise in bilirubin include hepatitis and Gilbert's disease, both of which affect the liver directly.

Detox and cleanse your liver regularly with the help of carrot juice. Carrot juice is rich in beta carotene and therefore can help repair damaged liver tissues. Carrot juice is considered one of the best foods for a liver detox.

If you have liver damage, avoid drinking and smoking, and always stay clear of foods that can cause further damage to the organ. You can discuss a special diet with a dietician so that your liver can heal better and faster. Your dietician will take into account the increased bilirubin. The diet would also help you lower the bilirubin levels in your blood.

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