My Bilirubin Level is not reducing from last few years from 2.2 total. This is Gilberts Syndrome disease. Please advice Homeopathy Medicine.

Gilbert's Syndrome is a hereditary and harmless condition, so there is no need for you to worry. Although one of the symptoms of this syndrome is jaundice, you should understand that jaundice is not a disease in itself. Jaundice is commonly thought to be a disease, whereas it is actually only a symptom of several diseases and conditions, including hepatitis, obstructions in the bile duct due to gall stones or tumors, and malaria, all of which can cause the patient's bilirubin count to go up. Jaundice is simply the term used to describe the yellow discoloration of the skin and the whites of the eyes due to a high bilirubin count.

In people with Gilbert's Syndrome, bilirubin levels are always high because, due to an inherited abnormality, an enzyme that processes bilirubin is not present in sufficient quantities. Although this often leads to jaundice, it is usually harmless, and the jaundice is only a symptom of the syndrome itself, not of any problem with the liver or any other organ. No treatment is required for Gilbert's Syndrome. You just need to eat regularly and healthily, drink enough water daily, and let your doctor know that you have this syndrome in case you ever require treatment of any sort, as you may not be able to handle some drugs very well.

answered by G R

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