Remedies and Treating Tips for Leukoderma in Babies

I am not sure exactly what you mean by eye angles - do you mean that the patches are at the corners of his eyes? In any case, the specific location is not really that important. Although it is not impossible, it is certainly rather unusual for leukoderma to strike at such a young age as six months. In addition, while the specific location is not very important, it is quite clear that the white patches are in the vicinity of his eyes, and this is also rather unusual. Leukoderma is basically a loss of skin pigment, and usually usually makes its appearance at the extremities - the white patches of leukoderma are usually first noticed on the hands and feet, and then tend to spread gradually.

Another possibility is that this is some kind of fungal infection. Babies are quite prone to fungal infections, and some such infections could manifest themselves in the form of white patches on the skin. Another common problem seen in infants is eczema, which could make the skin appear white due to scaling and flaking, rather than because of a loss of pigment. The only way to be sure is to take your child to the doctor for an examination. There is no need to worry too much, as it is unlikely that the patches are anything serious. Fungal infections are quite easy to treat, and even eczemas can be handled quite well today. If it does indeed turn out that the white patches are leukoderma, there is still no need to worry yourself too much. Leukoderma is an extremely benign condition, and the only thing your son will need to be careful about is sun exposure. If the white patches spread, you will of course be concerned about his appearance, but compared to some of the diseases that affect infants, this is an extremely minor problem.

answered by G M

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