Home remedies for ear pain in children

Pain in the ear is usually an indication of a ear infection; you will be glad to know that these infections are usually mild and are quite common and fleeting among young children. There are several types of ear infections, and what your daughter has is probably what is called otitis media, an infection of the middle ear. This is usually a bacterial infection that affects the part of the ear between the ear drum and the inner ear. The Eustachian tube is also in this part of the ear, and in children, the tube tends to be extremely narrow, making blockages and fluid build ups more likely, and thus making infections more frequent. However, in most cases, the infection lasts for only a couple of days, and does not require any treatment. To ease the pain, you can apply a warm compress several times a day, using a hot water bottle. If the pain is too much however, you should consult your doctor; you should avoid antibiotics as far as possible, but painkillers might be necessary and it is better to administer them to a five year-old child only under medical supervision. If the infection persists for longer than two days, then antibiotics may be needed.

The other two types of ear infections affect the inner ear and the outer ear. Infections of the inner ear are more serious and usually affect balance and hearing, so this is quite unlikely in the case of your daughter. There is a chance however that your daughter has an infection of the outer ear. This is also usually a mild infection and is actually a fungal infection of the skin in this area. The main course of action is to keep the ear clean and dry, and the infection should go away in a few days.

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