How to cure pimples, blackhead, pores and dandruffs?

Black heads are generally caused to clogging of the skin pores with dirt due to the excess build up of sebum. There is an effective remedy that you can use to treat blackheads. Take about 3 to five cups of water that is boiled and add to the water two teaspoons of soda- bicarbonate. Take a towel and let it absorb the vapors of this mixture until it is damp then place the towel on your face and leave it there until it cools down. Repeat the procedure for about 5- 6 times to get the best results. Another remedy you can try ;is making a mixture of one spoon of curd and one spoon of rice. Apply the mixture to your face and then after sometime wash it off with cold water. There is no sure way to reduce the size of pores but you can effectively cause them to shrink for a short period of time. What you have to do is wash your face thoroughly with water that is cold and then massage a little bit of honey onto your face, by moving your hands in a circular motion, putting extra pressure ion the forehead and chin areas. Once done, rinse again with cold water.

In order to help cure dandruff you will need to shampoo daily. Preferably you should use an antidandruff kind. The effect of which would be seen in about two weeks of regular use. White vinegar is also useful in cleaning out dandruff.

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