Doc, help me to cure my halitosis, it's been 8 yrs that I suffered, and I don't have enough money to buy some products. I am a resident in the Philippines. I am 23 years old... help me doc.

Home Remedies for Bad Breath

The medical term for bad breath is known as Halitosis. The bad breath is basically caused due to the leftover particles of food and low dental hygiene, a tooth or gum disease and sometimes an intestinal disease or disorder. There are other causes of halitosis as well which include; diabetes, consumption of drugs, liver disorder, bad stomach, smoking and the accumulation of excess sulfur on the mouth. The disorder can be short term or chronic depending on the type and cause of the infection.

The best way to treat halitosis is brush your teeth properly and maintain proper oral hygiene. This basically helps because proper brushing of the teeth helps get rid of food particles stuck in between teeth and at the back of the mouth after a meal. When these food particles are allowed to remain for a long period of time, a bacterium already presenting the mouth starts to act on it and causes the formation of sulfur which has a characteristic bad smell. Therefore proper dental hygiene will avoid this and also protect your teeth and gum from disease. Also make sure to keep your saliva levels up at all times as it is also responsible for washing away food and bacteria from your mouth. A home remedy that you can try is chewing and unripe guava. The unripe fruit is rich in natural ingredients like magnesia, tannic, malic and acids of phosphoric. It also contains calcium and manganese. All the se substances are an excellent remedy for cleaning your teeth and gums and thus reducing the chances of bad breath.

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