I want to make my period come?

Early Period Tips

The only definite method to prepone your period is by taking micronised progesterone on the form of an injection or a short course of progesterone pills. Generally pills have to be taken for about five days after which you will have your period within the next three to five days. This is because your body is forced into having an early cycle due to progesterone withdrawal.

You will need to start your treatment at least fifteen days before the day you wish your period to end. Once you start the five day course, your progesterone level rises. On the sixth day, after the course is over, these high hormonal levels start to plummet causing the body to go into withdrawal bleeding. This generally occurs between the seventh and tenth day. You will then have a normal period that could last up to five days. You should try to avoid progesterone treatment as it often leads to erratic subsequent cycles.

Although various natural methods have not been proven, the most common natural method to hasten a menstrual cycle is to consume inordinately large amounts of papaya. Some recommend jackfruit and sesame deeds. The basis of this remedy is that they are heaty foods and therefore they are effective in preponing a period.

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