How to cure pink eye?

Treating Pink Eye Naturally

Pink eye is the common man's name given to a problem known medically as conjunctivitis. This is a common problem that is basically a very angry sty coming out of the eye. It is essential for you to remember that you must allow the sty to emerge fully before you expect any kind of relief. This will normally take anywhere between 48 to 72 hours. Once the entire sty is out of the eye, you will then begin to get relief and will start feeling better. The emergence of a sty will be felt clearly and distinctively. You will feel itchy and scratchy in the eye. It is important to refrain from rubbing your eyes when you feel this way, as this will make the swelling and itching worse.

The best solution for a pink eye is to constantly wash it with rose water. These sties are typically accompanied with a lot of heat and rose water will help to bring this heat down. Try to wash every hour or so, as this is the best way to avoid swelling as well. If you do not have access to rose water, then you can also use cucumber juice to cleanse your eye. If you have neither, simple tap water will do as well. The next step is to apply a paste made of cloves and rose water on your eyelid and around your eye - you need to ascertain that you do not to get any paste into your eye, as this will aggravate and make your eye worse.

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