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Vertigo Health Advice and Treatment

Vertigo is a disorder that is connected with a human being's perception of physical balance. The dizziness is a major symptom of the disorder and a person suffering from vertigo develops the sensation of swaying or out of balance, even though the body is stationary or not moving. Vertigo is mainly made up of two types. The first one is subjective vertigo. This occurs when a person feels that he is moving even though the person is not. The other type is objective vertigo. This vertigo gives the person a sensation that the surroundings are moving past the person's field of vision. The side effects of vertigo generally involve vomiting or nausea when the attack is mild, but when severe the person generally has a lot of difficulty in standing or walking.

The best way to treat vertigo is to get a professional medical diagnosis of what type of vertigo you have. Based on that you will be able to tell whether you actually have vertigo, what the possible solution for a cure and, if the disorder is also related to a central nervous system disorder, and whether or not the vertigo is severe. Two remedies are available. The first one is surgery however the methods re controversial. The second and more frequently administered solution is ‘destructive surgical treatment'. The process relies mainly on completely destroying the vertigo and since the area of treatment is in the ear drum, during the process of treatment one can stand the chance of hearing loss.

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