What is a quick relief from Vertigo?

Vertigo, more commonly known as dizziness, is a symptom and not a disease in itself. The word vertigo means a sensation of spinning or whirling that happens due to a disturbance in equilibrium. It may even be used to describe light-headedness, faintness, dizziness and unsteadiness. It does not necessarily mean that you are moving, it just means that you think you are. There are a few things you can do for relief from vertigo. Drinking ice water will help tremendously. It supposedly shocks your senses into seeing things for what they are and helps you snap out of dizziness. For instant relief, you can take a few quick and deep breaths. This will also help you tremendously. Smelling salts of ammonia are also a quick fix for people suffering from vertigo.

Among the long-term changes you can make in your life are to cut caffeine and alcohol from your system. Both these components tend to make you "jumpy", and if you are already suffering from an ailment like vertigo, this will aggravate your condition. You must also look for ways of reducing stress, since this is a very solid and strong reason for vertigo. It is believed that eating sweet and salty food together could bring on an attack, so you would need to avoid that as well. Eat a lot of citrus fruits to keep from feeling nervous.

answered by M W

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