What can I use for vertigo?

Vertigo Causes and Home Remedies
Vertigo is quite a common disease, occulting due to problems in the semicircular canals located in the inner ear. The victim or sufferer of vertigo will suffer an abnormal sensation, making him or her feeling as if their immediate environment is continuously spinning, moving or whirling. This causes the patient to suffer a severe loss of balance and experience sensations of nausea, which could be very severe.

There are quite a few vertigo remedies that are meant to help an individual overcome or lesson the symptoms at the very least. In severe cases of vertigo even a reduction in the symptoms can make a world of difference as the symptoms can be very debilitating.  

Some effective remedies include common household ingredients that are cheap and easil available in any kitchen, like wheat, water melon, pumpkin, cheese, pepper, etc. You can soak some wheat grains, with some poppy seeds, a few almonds and water melon seeds. You could alternatively pumpkin seeds as an alternative to watermelon. Leave them to soak overnight and then skin the almonds. The mixture can be ground into a paste form and consumed.

Drinking a mixture of salt, mustard, nacho cheese, vinegar, cayenne and pepper in a cup of water has also been found to be quite effective.

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