Vaginal Infection Treatment: How Can I Treat A Vaginal Itch And Darkening Of The Area Around It With Redness At Home?

I would strongly advise you to visit a gynaecologist. However in case you are not in a position to do so or you are completely averse to the idea, you can try out a few homemade remedies. What you are suffering from is termed as vaginitis which is the inflammation of the vulva. Although this is generally caused by a bacterial, fungal or yeast infection, it can also be caused by chemical irritants and stress. Make sure that you do not use panties made out of any synthetic material as long ass you still have this problem, you can use comfortable cotton undergarments instead.

Wash yourself as often as possible with warm (almost hot) water and an antibacterial soap. Make sure that you are very careful not to damage or scratch your skin as this will allow the fungus or bacteria to thrive under your skin and aggravate your condition. Rinse yourself with a mug of saline solution as salt has antiseptic properties. Bacteria, fungus and yeasts require moisture to survive so make sure that you keep yourself completely dry at all times. You can use an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powder as this will keep you dry as well as fight the infection. If there is no sign of improvement within a week, you will have to visit a gynaecologist

answered by G R

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