How to stop itching and irritation due to allergic skin reaction?

An allergic rash is the inflammatory reaction to an allergen that has come in contact with the body, in this case, adhesive tape and glue. The very nature of allergies is such that it is impossible to state which exact chemical constituent is responsible for the allergy; though, this can be done in a laboratory. allergies being the response of a hypersensitive immune system, does not have a specific cure. However, over a period of time one can grow out of an allergy.

Allergic reactions can range from a benign eruption in the skin that goes away upon applying ice, to symptoms that are more serious, such as anaphylactic shock or death. Fortunately, it looks as if your symptoms of an allergic reaction are quite mild. To treat an allergy medically requires an understanding of what the body does when it encounters an allergen – the process called inflammation. When a foreign body or an infectious agent comes into contact with a part of the body, the cells of the area trigger a response that causes the release of antibodies. These antibodies then further trigger cells called mast cells to secrete chemicals called histamines. These histamines cause reactions like rashes by increasing the blood flow to the area by swelling and they also signal the creation of mucus. Therefore, antihistamines are the first line of defense when dealing with an allergic reaction. If this fails, medicines called corticosteroids are used. These are steroids that inhibit the inflammatory response of the immune system, and are used in a wide variety of conditions that are inflammation-based.

Fundamentally, allergies are best dealt with by prevention rather than by being cured. In your case, keeping away from the allergy is your best bet. Try to change the type of tape you are using to another kind of tape to see where the problem can be avoided. Some tapes use petrochemicals and this might be the source of the problem. In a situation where you cannot command the type of tape that is being used, the best way to deal with the situation is to wear gloves and avoid contact with the allergen. It is also a good idea to coat your hands with a cream from aloe vera sap. Aloe vera, when applied to the skin, has the property of being an invisible bandage. This will act as a layer between you and the allergen. If the allergic reaction should recur, try an application of ice that will subdue the inflammation and swelling.

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It seems that you have an allergy to some substance that is used in your adhesive tape and glue. This is an unfortunate and rather unusual problem, but there is not much that you can do about it. The best way to handle an allergy is to avoid the allergen - the substance that triggers the allergic reaction. Today there are a few treatments that are available in order to treat some allergies, but the most effective and sure way to combat an allergy remains avoidance of the allergen.

If you like, you can visit your doctor and ask for an opinion; the doctor may recommend that you visit and allergy specialist, who will probably perform a few tests to determine the exact substance that you are allergic to. If you can do this, you may be able to use different products that do not contain these substances. Entirely avoiding adhesive tape and glue is probably not a very practical approach. If you are unable to use a replacement, the next best thing is to use gloves when handling these substances.

Whenever you do have an allergic reaction, the best treatment is a cold compress. Wrap a couple of ice cubes in a clean, soft cloth, and press it gently against the affected area.

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