Are there any remedy for bloody nose.

Make sure that you haven't already lost too much blood first. If you have, please take this problem to the doctor. Do not attempt a home remedy. However, I the bleeding is under control, you can start with rolling a small wad of cotton or tissue in the bleeding nostril. This is not to stop the bleeding but instead to stop the mess.

After this, pinch the bridge of your nose with your thumb and index finger. You have to pinch the middle of the nose, applying moderate pressure. This pinching action will stop the blood from flowing lower down into the edge of the nostril.

After about 2 minutes of doing this, you might feel the need to change the tissue in the nostril. This reduces the amount of dried blood in your nostril and also gives you a fair idea when the bleeding actually ceases.

We will remind you that during this entire procedure, your hands must be washed and germ free and the cotton must be sterile. This is simply to avoid infecting yourself through the cut or wound.

Once the bleeding has stopped, apply an ice pack to reduce and numb the pain. Nose bleeds that once stop rarely resurface. You can now relax!

answered by G R

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