Oral cysts remedies

Cysts are caused because of a variety of reasons. All possible cures for cysts aim at breaking it up and dispersing the fluid so that there is no chance of it getting infected and spreading the problem further. You must never try to extract a cyst yourself, since that could lead to a severe infection in more ways than one. You may have used an unclean needle, or maybe left the wound exposed without antiseptic for too long. All of this can cause a serious infection, and the mouth is a place that has live bacteria in it, so this can also add to your woes.

You can take a few steps to avoid this unpleasant problem at home. You should clean your cyst about four to six times a day. This can be done by simply rinsing your mouth with diluted organic vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. If your cyst is painful, apply a chilled used tea bag to it. This will provide relief and also help with drawing out the cyst so that it enlarges and bursts on its own, which is always the best way. You can also apply a paste made of milk cream and rose water to your cyst. This will ease the pain and irritation and also help towards healing the cyst. Alternately, you can also apply honey to it.

answered by M W

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