How do I treat gastrointestinal problems? I ate food from Mexico and have been severely sick for almost 4 weeks.

In order to start looking after your upset stomach, the first thing you must do is cut out all spicy and hot food from your diet. The next thing to do is go for a medical examination. If you have travelled and you are having this problem since then, it is possible that you have picked up a stomach bug which is not leaving easily. A medical examination will eliminate this, or provide you with necessary medication, whichever is required. In terms of home remedies, you can follow some simple steps that will take care of your delicate stomach.

Make buttermilk with two tablespoons of fresh yogurt mixed with two litres of water and a bit of rock salt and bottle it. Keep sipping from this bottle all day. This will help to calm down your turbulent stomach within a day or two. You can also throw in a few crushed mint leaves to this drink in order to soothe any acidity you might have developed. The best thing for you to eat in your current state is fresh, unflavoured, unsweetened yogurt and boiled rice. If you subsist on this meal for two days, your system will clear up almost magically. The live and active bacteria present in yogurt will feast off any infection you might have. Make it a point to drink at least 10 to 15 litres of water everyday.

answered by M W

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