Why do I have green mucus and blow my nose 100 times a day

Nasal congestion advice

The presence of green mucus indicates the presence of an infection of some sort that is afflicting your system. It is unwise to ignore this condition. You must seek medical help immediately and work towards killing the infection as soon as you can. If you have an excessively runny nose, then there are some highly effective home remedies available for it as well. But the first thing to concentrate on is to get rid of the infection, or else it may also go about spreading into your lungs and cause further damage.

To loosen up your lungs, you must drink grape juice liberally. It has good cough suppressant and expectorant properties and will clear up congestion so that you will stop blowing your nose so many times during the day. Onion or carrot juice would work in the exact same way for your problem, when had warm. You can also take a hot glass of milk to which a teaspoon of turmeric has been added twice a day. Turmeric is antiseptic in nature and will help to fight your infection from within, and will also keep it from recurring. You can also start adding turmeric to your food, and it will taste good, since turmeric is a natural spice.

answered by M W

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