Advice for lime juice after hair waxing

There is no truth at all in the statement that lime will deter hair growth in any way, on any part of your body. If anything, lime juice is actually used for various remedies related to losing hair and weakened hair to strengthen it. One of the properties that lime has is that it will work towards cleansing your skin from deep within. It is also a mild natural bleaching agent, and will make your skin fairer if used over a long period of time. However, it is also a photosynthetic substance, in that if you apply lime juice and expose that part of your body to the sun, it will darken and tan quickly. So you have to be careful that you do not apply lime juice and go out in the sun.

The only thing that lime juice could do after you have waxed is to sanitize your skin, since the juice, being acidic in nature, has some anti-septic properties. It will help to kill surface germs and bacteria and will help out by not allowing any kind of infection to fester on the surface of your skin. As for hair not growing back fast, this is a detail that will always depend upon the speed at which your hair grows normally.

answered by M W

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