Is there any way you can make your hair grow faster?

Unfortunately science has not brought out any proven methods to make hair grow faster than its normal potential. One way of ensuring that hair grows to its fullest, is to reduce hair loss. There are several ways to let your hair grow to its potential, but none that can increase its growth faster than normal. For healthy growth of hair it is important to correctly condition the scalp and massage it well in order to boost blood circulation. A healthy diet high in essential micronutrients and vitamins especially vitamin E and vitamin D can help in promoting normal hair growth. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is also useful in ensuring that the toxins are released from the body and do not get accumulated in the system that cause numerous health conditions, ultimately affecting the health and growth of hair and nails. Adopting correct methods for brushing one's hair can also help in reducing hair breakage. Remember not to brush your hair when it is wet as it can cause hair breakage. At best, refrain from using hair brushes and opt for a wide toothed comb, especially if you have permed or colored hair.

Foods rich in protein and essential fatty acids such as fish are also vital for boosting normal hair growth. Practicing meditative techniques can help in reducing daily stress. Stress and strain in daily life greatly affects the quality of the hair and retards its growth. It is important to understand that every individual's hair grows at a different rate depending upon the individual's well-being and health. The best way to ensure good hair growth is to cut off the split ends occasionally. Regular wash with a mild cleansing agent and protection from sun exposure are also highly effective in preventing sun damage to hair.

The hair must be treated as delicately as possible and much care must be taken to ensure that the gentle strands that are subject to harsh urban life style do not break under pressure. Moisturize your hair regularly, especially the ends of the hair with the help of a leave-in conditioner or natural oils such as jojoba. Keeping the hair conditioned helps make the hair beautiful and strong. Always wear protective scarves or caps before venturing out in the sun in order to prevent the ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging the quality of the hair.

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Long hair, thick and shiny hair - don't we all long for it? You can try a variety of remedies at home to ensure that your hair grows fast and is thick, shiny and long.

Most of us tend to ignore our hair and rarely take the time to look after it. It usually takes only a little time to ensure that you massage some warm oil into your hair before going to bed. Coconut oil is usually the most effective in keeping your hair looking healthy. Olive oil is another oil that promotes hair growth and can be used regularly on the scalp. Using very hot water to wash your hair makes it look dry and lifeless. Use lukewarm water instead. Most shampoos contain a very high percentage of chemicals. The use of chemicals on a regular basis causes your hair to look dry and lifeless. You should find a gentle shampoo that will not harm your hair. You can also use soap nuts since these do not contain any chemicals.

You should use a raw egg on your hair on a regular basis. Use only the white of an egg on the scalp. Leave it on for some time before you wash it off. You can also boil a bunch of rosemary leaves in a large pot of water. When this cools, strain it and store. This water should be used to wash your hair everyday.

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