Benefits of Mustard: I have taken yellow prepared mustard orally for leg cramps with good results after I read an article. what can you tell me about this practice and why it works

Mustard is known for its properties of healing and bringing down inflammation. The ancient science of Ayurveda also lists over 50 other health benefits contained in these little black seeds. Mustard oil alone, which is freely and commonly available in Asia and generously used in cooking, has over 200 health benefits. It is used for all manner of ailments such as massaging for injuries, to bring down internal swelling of various organs and for healing various problems that arise within the body. This practice is also over 5,000 years old.

Mustard is also considered to be useful in treating certain kinds of cancer. It supposedly has some properties that help to dissolve malignancy and restore the natural function of the body. Mustard is considered especially useful in bringing down swelling of any kind. It contains certain chemicals that help to fight inflammation and heal the body at the same time. For athletes who suffer from regular sprains and strains, a massage with warm mustard oil is probably one of the best natural remedies available. It is also a remedial measure that has lesser side effects of any kind. Massaging with mustard oil is possibly the closest you can come to healing any injury, no matter how grave or old.

answered by M W

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