Home cures for warts on face during pregnancy

If you are still pregnant or are nursing your child, you should consult a doctor about your warts, as certain medications as well as home remedies are not advisable for you at this time. What you should never do, whether or not you are pregnant, is touch, scratch, or pluck at your warts, or use any traditional remedy that involves cutting or burning the warts in any way. Cutting or burning the warts is a case of the cure being worse than the disease - these treatments can result in severe scarring and also have a risk of infection.

Home remedies that are safe include rubbing lemon juice on your face, applying aloe vera gel to the warts, and washing your face with rose water daily. You can also dip half an onion in vinegar and rub it on your face. Another treatment often recommended for warts is to apply a piece of duct tape on the skin that has warts, and leave it there for a week. This method is reputed to be quite effective.

If these treatments do not work, then you should consult your doctor. Warts are caused by viral infections, and some of these infections can be quite persistent and even serious.

answered by M W

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