How to get rid of warts on face?

Warts can be quite a problem, especially on the face, owing to their prominence. The first thing you need to know about warts is that all warts are not the same. Most people connect warts with HPV. The human papillomavirus has been known to cause the type of warts termed as Filiform warts. Now this can spread on your face. While you will find well over a hundred different strains of this particular virus, it has been observed that very few of these will actually lead to warts. One of the important means of spreading this virus is physical contact (centering on a wart or even some different infected area of a person who already has HPV). It appears to be spread even through means like common clothing or other fabrics. This resilient virus can even be spread via contact by means of objects. You will find many other varieties such as Flat warts and Periungual warts. Your first step, when you get a wart, is to make a quick trip to the doctor. This is because of the variety of reasons why warts could crop up and the importance of treating underlying causes. Skin cancer is a real concern when dealing with bumps that appear to be innocuous warts.

Pieces of onion or its juice can be used on a wart to make it go away. The application of garlic is one of the many ways by which people attempt to deal with warts at home. Duct tape is one of the best ways to handle a wart. What you need to do is cover that facial wart with a bit of duct tape. You have to keep it there for approximately six days. After this, you need to soak the wart after removing the strip. Use room temperature water and gently work at it with the aid of a pumice stone. Even an emery board will be effective to file it away. Simply rubbing potato is used to eliminate some types of warts. It's the potassium and Vitamin C present in that potato, which promotes curing of warts. Pineapple juice has also been used as a topical treatment for getting rid of unsightly warts. As mentioned before, doctors would be your best way of treating this problem of warts. Even if you managed to get rid of the symptom (warts) on your own, you will leave the underlying problem mostly untouched.

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